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my opponent is used to creating jobs in china and other places. >> she is for more spending. >> a tough battle for u.s. senate, tonight sparks fly when the candidates face off before a state-wide audience. >> other big story we're following new information in a perplexing killing spree that's still unraveling at this hour. complete bay area news
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coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on "ktvu channel 2 news." good evening, everyone, i'm frank summerville. >> i'm julie hayner. it is bizarre and complicated. we are still learning more about a crime spree that's left five people dead and led to an all-out search for a missing man. at the center of this investigation, he's linked to all five people. our live team coverage begins tonight with ktvu's heather holmes in valejo. >> reporter: we have been watching as crews prepare to take items out of this house. this company specializes in the removal of potentially toxic and hazardous items. the discovery earlier today of these chemicals, explosives,
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and two bodies is the latest twist in this very tragic case. the investigation into the murder suspect's final days shifted tonight to valejo. this is where the bodies of two missing women, a 63 year old and 60 year old were found. one was in a shallow grave in the backyard, the other in a bedroom. this is also the same house where accused killer often stayed. >> we are looking closely at him. >> reporter: valejo police are looking into the connection between this discovery and the beating death last week of a man in which the same man was the suspect. he was shot and killed by officers last night in richmond after a high-speed chase. >> there's no doubt the suspect was very unstable. his actions were unusual and out of the norm. investigators believe the two women, long-time friends, had been dead for days, when officers arrived there were flies in the home and an
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overwhelming stench inside. in another bizarre twist, it appears a husband of one of the women was still living in the house. charles had also unmasked explosive-making materials he took from his chemical engineering job. >> when we located the chemicals, they were in a stable state and not a danger to the community at this point, they were not combined in the appropriate mixture. >> reporter: he's in jail booked on explosives charges and investigators are looking at his possible involvement in the deaths of the two women. now that right there is explosive video that ktvu obtained of some of the items that were detonated late this afternoon. in the meantime, the truck you see there is where crew will load up the chemicals they removed from the house and the
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chemicals will be properly disposed of. also, i want to let you know autopsies are currently underway on the two women whose bodies were found at this house. reporting live here in valejo, heather holmes, "ktvu channel 2 news." >> the discovery of the women and the chemicals rattled that neighborhood. people we talked to said they were stunned. >> it was very disturbing to me. i couldn't even go to sleep last night. >> been a quiet neighborhood since i've been here, then you find chemicals and dead people around the corner. pretty wild. >> it's scary. i'm really shaken by the whole thing. >> another neighbor says she used to see him around the neighborhood driving a corvette and another woman said it makes you wonder just who lives next door. another piece of the puzzle, the missing vehicle turned up this morning. it belonged to one of the
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female victims, but he was known to drive it. after searching that vehicle, police say it may have been parked for days. it was found in a business park less than a mile from the address where 73 year old ricardo was found dead. who was he and why do police suspect him in at least four killings? as his background started to emerge today, so did a portrait of a man who police say was living a transitory lifestyle. >> reporter: his life ended violently here this last night, the same way investigators say he lived, at least during a homicide rampage the past five days. >> yeah. there's no doubt that the suspect was very unstable. >> reporter: here's what we
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know about him. he once had a security guard license, but a week and a half ago listed his occupation as unemployed. >> he was someone who had relationships with people and generally borrowed money and availed himself for the use of their vehicles and things like that. >> reporter: they think the motives for his killings happened at this house on august 22, when he called police so say two men, a father and son who lived there assaulted him. police say the home owner was valdamaro's on again, off again girlfriend. >> we're not sure what the dispute was about that sunday, but it was somewhat related to the housing situation or romantic situation. >> police now think valdamaro came back last friday and beat
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to death the father. the son, a nursing assistant has been missing ever since. >> being in an acquaintance does not bode well for having a long life. >> reporter: investigators say for the past 10 years, valdamaro sometimes lived at this valejo house where the women's bodies were found. about the time of the father's killing, police say witnesses saw valdamaro driving the cadillac that belonged to the couple who lived here. the accra he was driving last night belonged to his kidnapped exgirlfriend. valdamaro killed her before they killed him. "ktvu channel 2 news." and tonight we're learning more about valdamaro's girlfriend whose body of found inside his car after he was shot and killed. she was a mother of four and friends say her relationship with valdamaro was a rocky one.
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live in valejo tonight with that part of our coverage, amber? >> reporter: we're at the shopping center where two of the victims worked. we learned cindy was a hairstylist at the salon behind me, and to my right, valdamaro worked as a security guard. a coworker shared with us this photo of cindy and valdamaro. she told us cindy met him two and a half years ago and became a couple. tran, the mother of four sons told her coworkers she was being investigated by police following the death of a 73 year old, who was a tenant at her heck ewe louisiana home. >> she was afraid and fearful. we offered our homes to her. i offered my home to her, but that was the last time we seen her. >> reporter: sandra described
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the relationship as being rocky. >> we loved her dearly. we always knew there was something about him, but she loved him, so we loved him. she respected him, so we respected him. for her sake. >> reporter: other workers at the mall told us they met the man found dead in her home from his work as a security guard. one coworker said he loved talking to customers and was young at heart. her friends say she'll be missed. >> so sad. she'll never see her sons get married or be a grandmother, you know -- she'll never get to travel the way she talked about. and she'll never get to go home to vietnam like she wants to. >> reporter: friends are planning a memorial for cindy and setting up an account to
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help her family with funeral expenses. reporting live in valejo, amber lee, "ktvu channel 2 news." to wrap up what we know so far about this case. five people are dead including the suspect, valdamaro. his girlfriend, two women, and an elderly man are also dead. chemicals that could be used to make explosives were found in valejo. the crimes took place in three bay area cities and the investigation is far from over. there's yet another piece of this puzzle. police continue to search for the son of a man they suspect was valdamaro's first victim. he could provide answers to many questions. >> we are concerned about his welfare. he's very connected to both the homicide victim as well as the suspect. >> stay with "ktvu channel 2 news" as we follow the case.
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you can also find information on our website, the investigation into what happened has a long way to go. firefighters made quick work of a grass fire this afternoon in american canyon that came close to homes. the fire broke out across the street from the neighborhood when fire crews arrived, they described the fire as very active and worked to keep the flames away from the homes. the fire was reported a few minutes after 3:00 p.m. and was contained within 90 minutes. crews also received help from cal and napa firefighters. two firefighters injured today. the fire was reported just before noon on the 100 block of 4th street. one firefighter suffered head and neck injuries when a ceiling collapsed, the other sustained a shoulder injury. both were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. new figures indicate the
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auto industry had its worst august in almost 30 years. general motors sales were down 7% last month compared to july. ford reported a 5% drop and toyota a 12% dip. the industry sold 11.5 million vehicles in august compared to 14.2 million a year ago. experts say buyers are holding off making big purchases in the current economy. positive report on overseas manufacturing busted out the bulls today on wall street, sending stocks soaring. the dow rocketed 254 points while the nasdaq gained 62. burger king, netflix and cat pillar were among the big winners. fiorina and boxer, the debate is over, but they left a lot behind. we'll have a live report. warm weather, even hot weather returns to the bay
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area. bill martin will be here with tomorrow's forecast.
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tonight for the first and possibly only time before the election, barbara boxer debated carly fiorina in their very close battle for the u.s. senate. the two candidates went after each other right from the
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opening moments. ken wayne was at the debate and is live tonight with our report. ken? >> reporter: frank, from fixing our economy, to same-sex marriage to abortion, these two candidates don't agree on much of anything. that set the stage for some pointed verbal sparring tonight. much of the debate focused on which candidate can create jobs. boxer accused fiorina of shipping jobs overseas while ceo of hewlett-packard. >> she shipped 30,000 jobs overseas. think of it, that's the size of foster city, and through all that pain, what did she do to show sacrifice? she took $100 million. >> her track record, long track record in washington, d.c. is consistent and clear. the results of her policies are devastating for this state. >> reporter: fiorina was asked where she stood on prop 23, the initiative to overturn california's tough global warming legislation.
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>> that is why -- >> just answer if you support t. >> i have not taken a position on it yet. >> if you can't take a stand on prop 23, i don't know what you will take a stand on. >> reporter: there was sharp disagreement on allowing people on the no-fly list to abstain guns. >> we should not be taking constitutional rights away from citizens and at the same time giving constitutional rights to terrorists. >> i think that is so out of step, so out touch. >> lawful right to carry guns. >> reporter: fiorina cast herself as a political outsider, not a washington insider and said she will represent the people and help them take back their government. live at st. mary's college, ken wayne, "ktvu channel 2 news." >> from the debate itself, we turn now to reaction from both candidates in what might be called the post debate spin
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zone. ken? >> reporter: often a candidate spokesperson will handle the post debate spin, tonight it was the candidates themselves who repeated some of the points they made in the debate and fine-tuned some answers. the debate ended, yet the candidates had more to say to the media, it's called post debate spin. >> i hope californians saw a clear contrast between barbara boxer track record and my own. >> i feel we had a good debate and the people of california saw the differences, they really saw the clear choice, especially on jobs. >> reporter: in the debate, boxer was critical of fiorina, accusing her of shipping jobs overscenes, she said it was an example of tough decision
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making. the campaigns were putting out press releasing, countering the other candidate point by point. fiorina was questioned about not taking a stand on a proposition that would extend california's groan house gas law. >> my emphasis in this race as you can understand, my emphasis is on federal issues. look, i'm not trying to be evasive here, i really am trying to indicate that we have to put our emphasis on the right priorities. >> reporter: in the debate, fiorina criticized boxer for supporting a stimulus bill which fiorina says with california's unemployment, spent billions and achieved little. boxer countered that argument post-debate. >> had we not taken the action we took, that means the economic recovery act, making sure the credit was not frozen, everything we did, the action of the fed, we would have lost
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an additional 8 million more jobs. we would have been in a great depression. >> reporter: perhaps the most interesting item to come from the post debate press conference, senator boxer was asked by a reporter will this or was this the only debate? boxer quickly answered no and her campaign was working on more. the fiorina campaign has asked for more debates, time is running out. at st. mary's college. "ktvu channel 2 news." almost 100 demonstrators gathered outside the entrance to support their candidate and blast the other. both candidates had their representatives. fiorina supporters said the country needs her to stop the nation from turning socialists, and a group of nurses and union members showed up to support
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boxer. our coverage continues at you'll find lengthier excerpts, look for the debate tab. the state supreme court declined today to hear the appeal of a san francisco supervisor who wanted to run for another term. she argued the city's two-term limit doesn't apply to her because she was appointed in 2004, but the high court denied the appeal. 6 other candidates announced they are running in district 2 which covers the marina and pacific heights area. today students at his alma mater wanted to show how much they care about him by holding a blood drive. young has required a lot of blood because of his extensive
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injuries and surgeries. today's drive was a success with some 250 people donating blood. >> our principal asked us so we immediately contacted the blood center and officer young, whenever we knew him, he was there. it's our way to be there for him and his family. >> officer young and his wife graduated from santa clara in 1989. police say a 21 year old shot young as he was trying to serve the man with an arrest warrant. very warm day today. these were some of the highs we achieved. temperatures tomorrow about the same, maybe warmer in some locations, basically tomorrow, just like today. it is a spare the air day for your thursday as we head into the holiday weekend slightly cooler but not cold. overnight lows are 70s, mild out there tonight. winds going to stay slightly
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offshore or slack, that's keeping the cool air offshore and allowing things to heat up again. lots of 90s tomorrow and low 100s in some of the hottest locations. it's a spare the air day tomorrow. more weather later. once again, spare the air day has been called for tomorrow. the air quality management district is urging people to take public transit. they predict levels will be elevated and unhealthy for people with respiratory problems. . east bay teacher is arrested. coming up, details about the child porn investigators say was found at his home. . also,
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the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800.
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ac transit directors considering sweeping service cuts to deal with a budget shortfall. they met this afternoon to hear a proposal that reduces service on all lines, cutting weekend service by 50% and trimming overnight service. earlier in the summer they tried 20 impose a labor contract to save money, but the judge ruled the move is illegal. >> decreases in revenue, state, property tax revenue, sales tax revenue, it's the larger economic situation that's driving this. >> the board is expected to vote on the cuts later this month. ac transit says some of the reductions may begin as soon as december. a teacher at a school in pittsburgh was arrested today on the charge of possessing child pornography. the 26 year old was taken into custody this morning. detectives say they confiscated several computers at his home that contained thousands of
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images of child pornography. he taught at an elementary school and was a coach of a swim team. the trial began today for three men accused of killing a restaurant owner who prosecutors say was involved in a love triangle. he was shot to death outside his home two years ago. prosecutors describe the killing as a murder for hire case and he was killed because of a woman he had been seeing. opening statements began today. . investigators are looking for a man accused of putting a series of bank robberies. cameras captured these images at three of the hold ups. on july 28, investigators say the man entered a bank of the west branch in san jose. they say the robber gave a teller a note and fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. they believe the robber is also
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responsible for nine other robberies including ones in mountain view, pacifica, rockland, and roseville. president obama opened the first direct israeli and palestinian talks in years. the two leaders and mr. obama said he is cautiously hopeful and had a message for the leaders. >> this moment of opportunity may not soon come again. they cannot afford to let it slip away. now is the time for leaders of courage and vision to deliver the peace their people deserve. >> the leaders are scheduled to sit down tomorrow to talk, but deadly violence cast a shadow. the man arrested among the tampa bay in afghanistan is asking a court to allow him to
11:58 pm
pray with other inmates. the aclu filed a motion to allow him to hold prayers with other inmates in indiana. lynn claims the government is violating its own rules by preventing him from taking parts in daily prayers. he was captured in november 2001 and sentenced to 20 years in prison. straight ahead, a program that turns graffiti into artists. >> apple takes a so my mercury moment happened during our family camping trip.
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i grabbed my son a juice box...and left the cooler lid open. twenty minutes later, all our hot dogs were gone. and so was most of the car. my mercury agent, steve, told me the car was covered. i switched to mercury because i saved hundreds of dollars on my car insurance, but it was the service that really made me a happy camper... er...ex-camper. call 888-4-mercury or visit to get a fast, free quote and start saving today.
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thursday forecast is going to be another warm one, straight
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to livermore where at lunchtime it will be 83. daytime high about 3:00, 3:30, 98 degrees. it's a spare the air day tomorrow. >> the final holiday weekend of the summer is just around the corner. the highway patrol wants to make sure drivers and everyone else stays safe. we are live in dublin with our live report. lloyd? >> reporter: frank, i'm at the chp office in dublin which is gearing up by seeking out drivers with dui arrest histories. officers throughout the bay area tonight were out knocking on doors of dui warrant sweeps looking for people who have been arrested for driving under the influence but failed to show up for court. officers say this is a life- saving mission because these are the drivers who they don't
12:02 am
want on the roads. >> dui is a crime that has a lot of repeat on thers. that's why steps are taken to make the law stricter. >> reporter: the team we were with tonight did not arrest anyone but did stop a woman who drove through a red light just to make sure they gave her a sobriety test. she passed, but this is an example of the plan for this holiday weekend. last year, more than 94,000 people in california were arrested for twist, and two years ago -- >> police are searching for the killer of a man shot to death while answering his door. investigators were at the home today in the 1200 block of
12:03 am
drake avenue looking for evidence. last night the man was shot as he opened the door. he was found dead in the entryway. his mother was shot in the elbow. she's been treated and released from the hospital. police have not released their names. oakland police say they have made an arrest in connection with the shooting death of a man in downtown oakland. investigators say he shot 27 year old craig amesworth at 14th street and broadway after an argument. amesworth collapsed into a newsstand. he's being held without bail. they face a bias lawsuit on behalf of a bay area teenager. lawyers filed the suit today in san jose. an 18 year old muslim women is accusing the company's store of refusing to hire her because she wears a religious head scarf. a nearly identical lawsuit was
12:04 am
filed back in 2009 by a muslim job applicant in oklahoma. they have not commented on this latest lawsuit. once they were neighborhood nuisances, now they are neighborhood artists, a new program that focuses the artistic skills towards beautiful artwork got underway today. robert honda shows us why it's a win-win for everyone. >> reporter: today was the first day of classes for about 30-40 young people taking part in the graffiti art project, a collaboration of the map, music, and art project to help at-risk youth find a positive way to express and celebrate their art. >> graffiti gets a lot of attention. bettering my skills and learning how to do it better helps me. i want to be a better artist.
12:05 am
>> reporter: many are referred from social service agencies. >> i like drawing, but don't like to get into trouble while i'm drawing. sin this project has a program for it, i'll join the program and draw with them. >> there's brilliance and genius wrapped up inside of these young people. we get to experience that by giving them a way to express their art. >> reporter: the students spread out through the community and schools putting their graffiti art on buildings. officials there say the art makes a difference towards the campus and youngsters. >> once they have made a contribution to the buildings they go to school in, they feel differently about it rather than coming here on the weekend to graffiti the campus, they feel protective and have a sense of ownership. >> today maybe the first day of the project, but it's not all about drawing. the first part of the course
12:06 am
helps them examine their lives and let them know the community is supporting them. robert honda, "ktvu channel 2 news." san francisco investigators ask for the public's hope. they hope someone will recognize a woman found dead. also ahead, a military ceremony today marked the start of the next phase of u.s. involvement in iraq. major league baseball
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if human achievement can be determined not by speed or strength, but by character, then it's easy to see who the most amazing athletes really are. be a fan of dignity, acceptance, and the human race. volunteer, coach, or compete in special olympics. special olympics. the san francisco medical examiner has released a sketch resembling an unidentified
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woman. she was 40 years old, 129 pounds with wavy brown hair wearing a blue sweatshirt, green pants, black sandals, and pink baseball cap. she was found on the morning of july 16 at a parking lot. if you recognize the woman in the sketch, you're urged to contact police. prosecutors are considering whether to file charges against a 6 year old child that was accidently shot. the child was struck in the stomach yesterday. the 6 year old was playing with a shotgun and his 12 year old brother tried to take it away from him. the parents kept the gun under their bed. police today shot and killed a gun man that held three people hostage at the discovery channel building in maryland. the man burst into the building wearing a handgun and what appeared to be explosive
12:10 am
devices. the man was identified at 43 year old james jay lee. lee had a history of protesting the network's environmental programming. the three hostages were not harmed, the remainder of those inside evacuated safely. in iraq, vice president joe biden and military leaders attended a change of command ceremony today, marking the formal end of u.s. combat operations and the start of operation new dawn. the primary role now will be to advise and assist iraqi forces. americans are still actively hunting down and killing al qaeda fighters. in the netherlands, the two men arrested in the u.s. were released without charge today. authorities initially thought the men might be conducting a dry run for a terrorist attack, but prosecutors said an investigation turned up no evidence against the men. they were arrested at the request of the u.s. in chile,
12:11 am
miners trapped 2200 feet below ground cheered and sang songs today. they received an mp3 player and first hot meals in weeks. officials also provided the men with vaccinations against a number diseases. five of the miners are still having difficulties coping. the 33 men have now survived 27 days underground, longer than any other trapped miners in modern memory. crews began water treatment work today at the redwood shores lagoon where thousands of gallons of raw sewage spill. they put a cleaning agent into the water. officials say the chemical is not harmful to wildlife and it dissipates within an hour. 48,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled last week when a pipe broke. the city hopes the cleaning agent will cleanse the lagoon to be reopened in time for the long holiday weekend. a survey released says the
12:12 am
number of immigrants coming into the united states every year is decreasing. the total number of immigrants in the country last year was over 11 million. that is down from a peak of 12 million in 2007. researchers say this is the first significant decline in 20 years. experts point to the recession and the collapse of the housing market as possible reasons along with tougher border enforcement. it is their latest and greatest. coming up next, apple's new products announced today to keep you entertained. and
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governor schwarzenegger called for the end of the insanity after failing to research a consensus and vote for a
12:15 am
budget. they voted down two proposals yesterday on the final day of their regular session. the governor says he sees no purpose now to call a special legislative session until some type of workable deal is on the table. california in faces a $19 billion shortfall. >> ryan sign once said insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. >> legislative leaders from both parties along with the governor say they'll return to negotiations in an effort to finally work out a compromise. >> apple unvailed new products today designed to nail down its niche. the bottom line is on-demand activity. music, video, movies, television and social
12:16 am
networking. ktvu consumer editor takes a look. >> we're introducing a product today that takes us there, that's called ipod. imac, ibook, ipod. >> in the nine years since created, apple has sold 275 million of them. >> we've never rested on our laurels. every year we try to improve ipods and make them even better. >> now a whole new lineup. >> a lot of people call it the iphone without the phone. >> it's now standard between ipod touches and ipod 4s. nanos replaces buttons with touch screen controls and comes in 7 colors. this time what apple created goes beyond high technology. this time they've created a fashion statement. >> this many colors, you're
12:17 am
much more concerned in the sense of a fashion statement. >> reporter: another change, itunes, apples way to buy music, movies and videos. people can recommend songs are videos to each other. >> there's a buy button next to t. >> finally a new tv box where you can buy movies plus programs from fox and abc and easily get netflix youtube and photos and music. and you'll find more details on today's announcements at, including a slide show of steve job's presentation. look for the economy watch tab. hurricane earl is turning in the atlantic tonight on a course that could take it to north carolina by this time tomorrow. from space you can see how huge
12:18 am
the storm is. earl is a category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 135 miles an hour. tens of shows of residents of north carolina's outer banks were ordered early this evening to evacuate. anyone who stays has been told they may go without government help for 72 hours once the hurricane passes. >> it's been heating up around here. there's no fog and we have one of the more pleasant areas than we've seen in awhile. we have 70s in san francisco, we have 76 degrees in oakland, temperatures throughout the bay area, very nice for this time of night. temperatures generally running 10-20 degrees warmer tonight than last night at this time, so pretty good indication we're starting off with fog-free and tomorrow going to be another warm day. question tomorrow is when do the winds switch and start to come onshore?
12:19 am
before the temperature gets above 96 degrees inland? if that sea breeze starts, temperature 1 going to be cooler tomorrow. warm most of the day, but somewhere around 1 or 2:00, we're not seeing the upper 90s we saw today. basically tomorrow is the same forecast as today, sea breeze up in the afternoon, temperatures come down, timing of the sea breeze is everything. tomorrow night much cooler than tonight. hot inland again, bay 88 degrees around the bay, you'll see low 90s as well towards san jose, fog stays offshore, then things start to cool off a bit as we go through into the holiday weekend. as you travel through the bay area, 90 degrees up in the oakland hills, albany and upper 90, now, going to see triple digits, but most will be outside our area towards
12:20 am
fairfield, stockton, big heat in the valley, but for us, most of our big cities in the mid-to upper 90s tomorrow. sea breeze tomorrow afternoon, 89 degrees tomorrow, 95 in napa, spare the air day, fire danger comes up. a day like today. cooler friday, saturday, and sunday, but your holiday weekend looks fine, it's just not as hot as about a week ago or today and tomorrow. nice weekend, but fog should return at some degree along the coast. 5-day forecast, another warm one tomorrow. it does feel like fall. temperatures really dropping off at the coast on saturday and sunday. >> without the fog, some of the views are spectacular. thanks, bill. >> thank you, bill. there's been another mountain lion sighting in a bay area neighborhood. latest innocent happened this morning. the cat was spotted behind the
12:21 am
home at about 6:40 this morning. experts say mountain lions are most active at dawn, dusk, and night. today's sighting comes after officers shot another mountain lion early yesterday. coming
12:22 am
this is a room where an army vet put his life back together, where a family lived when they were displaced by a flood. but it's more than a room. it's a room at volunteers of america, and the pathway to stronger communities. because when lives are improved, communities are, too. to help strengthen your community, visit
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a test of organic versus nonorganically grown strawberries led to mixed results. researchers at washington state university founderingly grown had higher levels of antioxidants and remained fresh
12:25 am
longer, most but not all people said they prefer the taste of organic berries, the researchers said the strawberries were stronger and contained fewer vital minerals. mark is here now with sports. who needed the win more, giants orillions or lincecum? >> both. in the midst of the worst slump of his life, we're going to find out what he's made of. he's got the right stuff. season of low, lows and high highs. this is a definite upper. tonight, 8 innings of work, only one run, struck out 9, winning his 12th, wasn't easy against gimenez, coming through with an rbi single to even the score, then it gets good. in the 8th, giants send in pinch runner, he's at second. pinch running takes off for
12:26 am
third, miguel throws it into left field like lightening, ford is into the plate, he showed up today after being called. showed up in the 5th inning. look at the final out. right down to the last outing, beautiful catch and the save is complete. padres lost their 7th straight, giants only 3 back, wilson the save. tension of a pennant race nothing to do with what happened tonight in florida. marlins and nationals get it on. niger morgan to the mound, not liking him throwing behind him. he's pummeled by sanchez. everyone gets into the fray as you see some of the replay action. heavy fines and suspensions sure to follow. look at the final score there as the marlins hang on and win. fight fighting, not the way to get it done, but a's could play
12:27 am
with more fire these days. the meek will not inherit yankee stadium. oakland about ready to get run out of there. they seem to be very intimidating when they get there. teixeira starts things off with a double, later a two-run single. bret anderson in big trouble, a's tie into the deficit a little bit here. kouzmanoff with a shot that will lead the yard, his 13th of the year with a man on, yankees going for the sweep tomorrow after the win here. no longer the enemy, they are headed for the sharks, man who owns the net in the western conference finals, san jose was swept clean by the chicago blackhawks, agreed to a one- year deal. sharks looking to add depth at goalie while chicago had to get rid of him because of salary cap issues. that is the sporting life. tomorrow will be a good one as both the raiders and niners
12:28 am
play their final preseason game. we'll have it all for you. >> think of that line, up the ante. >> very good. >> can't wait until hockey. >> i'll write that down now, julie. >> that's our report for this wednesday night. [ man i was deciding what to do
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with my citi thankyou points when it happened... [ glass breaks ...again. ♪ [ child run! [ man first it was the mailbox. then my squirrel. and now, this. so i used my points to make a donation to get the park down the street built. when it finally opened, i also used my points for... car repair. [ male announcer use your citi thankyou points for almost anything, even local charities. what's your story? citi can help you write it.

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Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 528
Pixel height 480
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Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 9/2/2010